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Plan and Study Inventory

The Pontiac Livability Master Plan will align with the City's 2008 Master Plan and will support transportation, economic development and future land use goals. In addition, the planning team will look for the best ideas from other City and County plans that support these goals. Prior studies will be used to identify alternatives for further analysis during the Livability Assessment. It is also expected that additional alternatives may emerge from the public, stakeholders and the project team during the study.

Priors studies considered in the analysis include:

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Citywide Plans    
Prospectus for Recovery 2012 502 KB
Healthy Pontiac, We Can! 2012 80 KB
2012 Five-Year Recreation Master Plan 2012 63 MB
3 Year Strategic Action Plan October 2011 2011 440 KB
City of Pontiac Redevelopment Evaluation 2009 2 MB
2008 City Master Plan 2008 website
Asset-Based Economic Development Strategies for Pontiac 2007 8 MB
Pontiac Public Input at Four Visioning Town Meetings 2007 276 KB
Market Position Analysis- Downtown Pontiac 2006 3 MB
Downtown Plans    
TIFA Map with TIF Districts 2011 520 KB
Strand Theater Program and Financial Structuring report 2009 3 MB
Clinton River Daylighting Feasibility Study 2008 3 MB
2001 Updated Downtown Development Plan 2001 (adopted 2008) 13 MB
Asset Based Economic Development Strategies 2007 7.47 MB
North Woodward Edge development site 2007 2 MB
Downtown Commercial and Residential Inventory 2007 7 MB
Main Street Oakland County Annual Program Assessment 2006 2006 300 KB
Lot 9 Downtown Redevelopment Plan 2004 3 MB
Main Street Oakland County Assessment Resource Team Report 2003 300 KB
Main Street Oakland County Assessment Needs Assessment 2002 200 KB
TIFA Areas - City of Pontiac Unknown 3 MB
Phoenix Plaza & Parking Garage Report, May 2012 2012 2 MB
Historical Study    
Downtown Pontiac 1962 4 MB
Neighborhood Plans    
Lafayette Neighborhood Master Plan Unknown 400 KB
City of Pontiac Zoning Map 2009 1 MB
City of Pontiac Zoning Ordinance 2006 2 MB
Pontiac City Charter 1982 1 MB
Regional Plans    
Woodward Avenue Action Association Reports and Publications 2012 website
SEMCOG Long- Range Transportation Plan 2009 website
Comprehensive Regional Transit Service Plan 2008 4 MB
Oakland County Trail Master Plan 2008 1 MB
Other Documents    
The Economic Value of the Pontiac Public Library:
Strengthening Pontiac through Literacy Partnerships
Unknown 872 KB
Historic Map: Lafayette Neighborhood Unknown 30 MB
Historic Map: Pontiac 1872 1872 10 MB
Historic Map: Pontiac 1872-cropped 1872 30 MB
Historic Map: Pontiac 1896-cropped 1896 7 MB
Historic Map: Loop 1947 1947 32 MB
Pontiac Green Zone Unknown 30 MB
Downtown Master Plan Graphic Unknown 28 MB