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Building Connections between Downtown and Neighborhoods

Project Advisory Team (PAT)

The Downtown Pontiac Transportation Assessment Project Advisory Team (PAT) is comprised of representatives from city, county, state, federal government and non-profit agencies. This group is charged with providing on-going guidance and technical review to OCPEDS and the consultant team. PAT members will also lend their professional expertise at CAG meetings and community workshops to help local residents evaluate assets, formulate ideas and move toward selecting a preferred project alternative. This group will meet 6 times over the 18-month duration of the project. PAT member agencies include the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), Southeast Michigan Regional Bus System (SMART), Amtrak, City of Pontiac, Main Street Oakland County, Oakland County Office of the Water Resource Commissioner, Oakland County Parks and Recreation, Oakland County Planning and Economic Development Services and Pontiac Downtown Business Association.

The Project Advisory Team (PAT) includes representatives from Oakland County, City of Pontiac, SEMCOG, and MDOT.

City of Pontiac
Federal Highway Authority
Main Street Oakland County
Michigan Department of Transportation
Oakland County Office of the Water Resource Commissioner
Oakland County Parks & Recreation
Oakland County Planning & Economic Development Services
Pontiac Downtown Business Association
Southeast Michigan Council of Governments
Suburban Mobility and Regional Transit (SMART)