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Building Connections between Downtown and Neighborhoods

Community Advisory Group (CAG)

The Pontiac Downtown-Neighborhood Community Advisory Group (CAG) is comprised of city-wide stakeholders representing community and neighborhood groups, businesses, churches, local agencies, schools, and other city organizations. Like the general public, they will help identify assets, challenges and opportunities for finding the best ways to connect downtown Pontiac, surrounding neighborhoods and local communities with transportation. CAG members will serve as liaisons sharing information about the project with other Pontiac residents and bringing community ideas and concerns to the project team. They will also evaluate alternative ideas and recommendations developed by the project team. The CAG was convened in December 2011 and will meet up to 6 times over the 18-month duration of the project.

The Community Advisory Group (CAG) includes stakeholders representing Churches, Community and Neighborhood Groups, Schools, Local Agencies, business and property owners, and other groups from the Pontiac community.

Please check back for upcoming Community Advisory Group meetings.

All Saints Episcopal Church
Baker College
Bo's Smokehouse
CAO Arts & Technology Academy of Pontiac
DeCook Government & Policy Strategies
Director of Community Services and Advocacy, St. Joseph's Oakland
Doctors Hospital of Michigan
First Presbyterian Church
Future Help Designs
Genisys Credit Union
Goldner Walsh Nursery
Greater Pontiac Sesquicentennial Commission
Grace Gospel Fellowship
Henk Studio
JD's Dueling Pianos
K&R Architectural Design
Lighthouse of Oakland County
Murphy House
Oakland Community College- Economic & Workforce Development
Oakland University
Pontiac Chamber of Commerce
Pontiac Creative Arts Center
Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital
Pontiac School of Excellence
St. Vincent DePaul Church
TDGA Architects
Thomas Duke Realty
Todd Enterprises
Transform Pontiac Now
Urban League Director
West Construction