Oakland County Michigan Planning & Economic Development ServicesDowntown Pontiac Transportation Assessment

Building Connections between Downtown and Neighborhoods

Why This Study is Different

Many plans and studies have been developed which have produced concepts and alternatives for downtown Pontiac. Many residents are frustrated because there has been very little implementation of these studies. Why is this study different?

The Downtown Pontiac Transportation Assessment study will go far beyond the level of detail presented in previous plans, providing the community with a solid basis for implementation.

Specifically address the Woodward Loop and other barriers to connectivity and economic growth in, and surrounding, downtown Pontiac

  • Preferred plans and alternatives will be evaluated by transportation engineers using state-of-the-art transportation modeling software.
  • Current and projected future land uses, public input, and business input will be evaluated to make sure preferred alternatives make sense for the community.
  • Detailed, implementable conceptual plans for walkability, green infrastructure, wayfinding, and roadway configuration will be developed.
  • Short-, medium, and long-term implementation steps will be outlined to provide the community with immediate gains as well as longer-term, overall solutions.
  • Roles, responsibilities, and potential funding sources for implementation will be identified.

The Grant is Funded by US Department of Transportation

Having USDOT on board as a partner in this study raises the visibility of the plan and positions it well for future federal funding for implementation

Michigan Department of Transportation is Study Partner

All major roads in the study area, including M-59 and Woodward, are owned and operated by MDOT. Having MDOT involved is critical to gaining MDOT's buy-in, and ensuring that that any plans developed meet all MDOT performance metric requirements and are incorporated into long-term MDOT roadway improvement plans.