Oakland County Michigan Planning & Economic Development ServicesDowntown Pontiac Transportation Assessment

Building Connections between Downtown and Neighborhoods

Purpose of the Downtown Pontiac Transportation Assessment

The Downtown Pontiac Transportation Assessment project cannot and will not address all of Pontiac's problems. However, it will focus on addressing past physical and transportation planning mistakes by preparing and substantiating a detailed transportation connectivity plan to enhance the livability and viability of Downtown Pontiac and surrounding neighborhoods, including a clear implementation plan that will identify short-, medium-, and long-term steps, responsible parties, and potential funding sources. Furthermore, the plan will engage relevant agencies to ensure any plans meet all performance measures required for implementation.

Several goals and conceptual plans for altering the physical configuration of Pontiac's transportation network were adopted through the 2008 Master Plan and 2001 Updated Downtown Development Plan and other documents.

Concepts included:

  • Improving landscaping and green infrastructure along major road corridors
  • Enhancing pedestrian amenities and promoting a walk able community
  • Converting Woodward into a street with two-way traffic and a landscaped median
  • Create safe and secure routes to school
  • Work with SEMCOG, Oakland County, the State of Michigan and federal government to create a mass transit hub
  • Improve wayfinding throughout the City

The purpose of the Downtown Pontiac Transportation Assessment project is to study various alternatives, recommend an alternative, and develop more detailed plans to move these goals closer to implementation.