Oakland County Michigan Planning & Economic Development ServicesDowntown Pontiac Transportation Assessment

Building Connections between Downtown and Neighborhoods

Project Vision

The purpose of the Downtown Pontiac Transportation Assessment is to create a plan that will detail the best ways to use the city's physical and natural assets as the foundation for making better connections between downtown Pontiac, the neighborhoods immediately surrounding it, employment centers, and other nearby communities. These assets include, but are not restricted to, the newly refurbished Pontiac Multi-Modal Transportation Center, the regional bike trail system, the "Loop", Clinton River and other assets located within the project study area. The completed plan will describe the steps for implementation and develop specific design guidelines for redevelopment parcels, transportation connections, wayfinding, improving livability, and safety in Downtown Pontiac.

Draft Final Reports (April 2014)

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  Date File Size
Final Report 2014 7.21 MB
Appendix A. Transportation Assessment 2013 18 MB
Appendix A. Synchro HCS Reports 2013 3 MB
Appendix B. Public Involvement 2013 5 MB
Appendix C. Complete Streets 2013 3 MB
Appendix D. Cross Sections 2013 5 MB

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